When the waves break here don’t be there, or you gonna get drilled – Turtle to Rick, North Shore

Do you remember the cult movie, North Shore? Well, surfing in real life is kind of similar, but there’s no one there watching you. Surfing can be a dangerous sport if you don’t know what you’re doing. When I started out, no one told me how to act or what to look out for. So I definitely want you to be mindful before you go out.

As surfing becomes more and more popular all across the world, there’s going to be more people. And more people means more accidents. Don’t get caught in a dangerous situation and definitely do not hurt yourself or others around you.


I remember a few instances where surfers would call me out. Looking back, I totally appreciate and respect what they were telling me. I don’t know what I was thinking being out in the water with 4 months in and trying to surf 5-7′ waves. I could’ve injured myself or others around me. I barely knew how to catch a wave and for sure, definitely didn’t know the rules. If a surfer calls you out, there’s a reason for it. Respect the locals and respect yourself. Take every sign and indication for what its worth because someone’s looking out for you. Definitely, do not take it personal and just brush it off. Unless, you know how to surf and there’s localism about. We will talk about that in another post.

Surf Etiquette at The Hook

  1. First surfer up closest to the curl, has right of way.
  2. Paddle around the break to get out.
  3. Hang on to your board and look out for others.
  4. Help other surfers in trouble.
  5. Respect the beach and ocean.

What does this mean?

  1. First surfer up closest to the curl, has right of way.
    • When you’re in the line up, there’s going to be people in front of you and people behind you. The person closest to where the wave curls or “breaks” has the ownership of that wave. If you see this, scale back and let that person go.
  2. Paddle around the break to get out.
    • I remember paddling out and I wasn’t aware that I was in the middle of line up and the break. Do not put yourself in this position because you will get hurt or hurt someone else. I injured my knee for a few months and a longboard went hit me head on. Ouch! One mistake I will not forget. Go around and try to paddle back where the rip current is, where the wave dies out.
  3. Hang on to your board and look out for others.
    • Last weekend some douche bag was paddling for the same wave I was on and he missed it. He then proceeded to let go of his surfboard and it came right for me while I was popping up. DO NOT LOSE YOUR SURFBOARD. I was a bit upset because he wasn’t mindful of others around him. Always know where your surfboard is and never lose it.
  4. Help other surfers in trouble.
    • Surfer’s are athletic and we love the water. If we see anyone in distress you better believe we’ll help.
  5. Respect the beach and ocean.
    • There’s nothing more beautiful than nature and surfing wouldn’t be as beautiful without it. Please do not liter and please respect mother nature. I would also add, respect the locals. They know how the waves break and conditions best. Be mindful of what they say if it helps.

If you can follow these rules and be mindful of your skill level, equipment and respect others, you should be good. Remember, we all make mistakes and it’s okay to make them as long as we learn. But always be respectful and apologize if you “dropped in” on someone or cut them off. Surfers are some of the coolest people out there, have fun and don’t bring any drama to the beach.

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