Winter Swell is Coming

As summer officially comes to a close, all surfers are flocking to Hawaii where the winter swell is best. However, those of us that can’t travel to Hawaii and are based in California are still pretty fortunate. The best place to be a surfer other than Hawaii is in Northern California.


Wave heights of 7-10′ are pretty average at local breaks that are typically 2-3’when it comes to winter swell. If you’re an experienced surfer you know that heights of 10-15′ are not uncommon. The water temperatures during winter can reach as low as 52 degrees. I highly advise to wear a 4/3mm wetsuit that can withstand the winter temperatures. The warmer you are, the longer you can surf. You also might want to be equip yourself with booties and gloves.


Here is a list of 4/3mm wetsuits you can choose from from O’Neill’s Wetsuit Outlet in Santa Cruz. They also sell 5mm booties and can recommend based on your local surf conditions.


Also, as we approach the holidays an important event will occur, Day Light Savings will happen on November 2, 2016 at 2:00AM. This means morning surf sessions will be in full effect since the sun will go down before 5:00pm PST.


If you’re just starting to surf, I highly recommend taking it easy and stick to the white water as the waves can be quite powerful with speeds of 20+ knots and can pull you right out to sea if you’re not a strong swimmer. My next blog, we’re going to talk about strengthening your core to better withstand the winter swell. A full regiment outside that water will be outlined. Training on and out of the water is critical if you want to elevate your surf game.


Lots of awesome things happening in winter. The Titans of Mavericks Opening Ceremony in Half Moon Bay on October 21, 2016 will showcase the world’s best big wave surfers. I can’t wait for the announcement and for the “call”. Titans of Mavericks is where legends are born and is the most highly prestigious pro surf event for Big Wave Surfers where the waves can be as high as 50′ the most dangerous surf event in the world.

img_0700img_0701If you have any questions or are curious about the surf, check out and always look at the camera and not the forecasted graph. Hope this helps and welcome to winter.

In my next blog I’ll be speaking about strength conditioning.

See ya’ in the line up!

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