You Remain In Our Hearts

This past weekend was quite the epiphany. I lost an old friend due to a tragic accident. It makes me realize that we only have a short while before its our time or worst, losing our most beloved. As we mourn the passing of friends and family, we must continue living. Remember their legacy. Remember their spirit. Remember the moments that you shared. If you have loss someone you loved, I hope you find peace.

Remember to pick up the phone and call a loved one before it’s too late.

This post is dedicated to my friend, Khamchan. I remember teaching him how to break dance in junior high school. He came over to my place with his little brother in tow after school every day. Khamchan showed up eager to learn and happy to have friends. I taught him how to up rock, the 6-step, then a freeze. Childhood memories are the best. Week after week, I would watch him practice and improve. But the coolest thing I witnessed, was him overcoming his fear of performing. I’ll never forget the kid that showed up not believing and the kid turned B-Boy leaving.

You are in my prayers, thoughts. Be well, my friend.


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