A Story of a Sunrise and Sunset

A few days ago I turned 33. The week prior to my birthday, I wasn’t too happy, rather a bit nervous. Getting old doesn’t seem to be much fun. A lot of my friends were asking what I was going to do and invited me out to celebrate. I politely declined with reactions of disappointment. Normally, my birthdays are celebrated in the city at a downtown night club. But after many years of partying I decided to make a change. Saying goodbye to someone close is difficult. But it was time to let go and move on.

Today, I turn a year older, another year wiser. This year, I don’t feel like drinking and I apologize for declining invitations. Catching waves and sunsets is like popping bottles at the club. It’s just that the ocean is the DJ, the line up is the VIP and riding a wave is the buzz. I guess I’m old now, but that’s okay. Thank you to all my colleagues, friends and family for the birthday wishes. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Cheers to another year 🍻🙏 ❤️ – My Facebook post on December 5, 2016 

A Birthday Sunset


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