Kicking Rocks on the Palomarin Trail

This is the sequel to my latest post, Marin County, an Adventurer’s Paradise. I venture off towards Point Reyes after a surf session at Bolinas Beach. One of my other passions is to hike trails with epic views of the coastline. Hiking provides an opportunity to exercise my lower body, legs and cardio. In this post, I will be covering the Palomarin Trail which is 8.2 miles and considered a strenuous hike with beautiful views of waterfalls and coastline. In future posts, I plan to cover them all. Make sure you sign up to my newsletter to get posts directly to your inbox. For a list of beaches and trails click here, or to view more information on the Palomarin trail click here.

Point Reyes National Park – Bolinas Beach from San Francisco.

The drive up north to Marin County is breathtaking. If you’re visiting the San Francisco/Bay Area I definitely recommend taking a trip up north to see some of the world’s tallest trees and California’s landscape.  If you don’t want to miss any sights ensure that you have enough time to stop and sightsee along the way. You will have a glimpse of redwoods while passing through Muir Woods National Monument and Mt. Tamalpais. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some amazing waterfalls mostly during winter or spring.

Here’s a map from San Francisco to Bolinas Beach to Point Reyes National Seashore.

If you want to make it a point to adventure without stopping for supplies, be prepared and plan accordingly. Here’s a list of what you’ll need for the day.

What to wear 

  1. Jeans and long sleeve shirt
  2. Fleece or light jacket
  3. Bring an extra clean shirt
  4. Hiking Boots (Men’s)
  5. Hiking Boots (Women’s)

Marin’s coastline is typically moist and cool around 55-58 degrees.


  1. Water bottle
  2. Light weight hiking back pack – check out the top 7 best hiking back packs here.
  3. Flash light
  4. GPS Watch 
  5. Pocket knife
  6. Water
  7. Snacks such as granola, beef jerky, trail mix, etc.
  8. Battery bank for charging phone, watch, flashlight.

The Palomarin Trail 

The Palomarin Trail is a strenuous 8 mile trail with lots to see. One of the reasons why I recommend hiking boots instead of shoes is because there are a lot of rocks along the beach. Boots provide stronger ankle support and a thicker sole to kick your way through the trail. Take a look at the video below to see it for yourself.

Palomarin Beach is at the south end of Point Reyes, between Bolinas Point and Wildcat Beach. This trail is a strenuous walk down the cliff. The beach is good for tidepooling at minus tides. –

After hiking and exploring for 2 hours I was able to make it back to the trailhead before sunset. You can see in the video below, I was in a sweat and rushing to get back before sun down. It was pretty spooky hiking through the forest thinking  about Native American myths of  the “little dark people” that I heard about while hiking Big Sur – ghosts that haunt Point Lobos.

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To be continued…

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