Sunrise at Devil’s Slide Trail

One of the best feelings I get from being active besides riding down a nice wave, is to start the day early and watch the sunrise (with a cup of coffee of course). That’s typically what I will do during early morning surf sessions.

In the Bay Area, the sun rises on the West and sets on the East. In December, first light is 6:45am and fully rises at 7:05-7:15am and sets at 5:15pm. I’ve seen it from an early morning session in the water while surfing in Pacifica on my birthday, and that was the best sunrise I have ever seen. That experience pretty much got me hooked to chasing sunrises. You can view my experience here, A Story of a Sunrise and Sunset.

A Birthday Sunrise 5/5

Chasing amazing sunrises offers me something money can’t buy.

Since Devil’s Slide Trail is easily accessible and gives me a different point of view in the mountains rather in the water, I decided to take a look. This was pretty good, but definitely doesn’t top watching the sunrise while surfing. I still recommend it for a surfer. But definitely recommend it if you’re not looking to jump in cold water in the morning.

If you want to see what the sunset looks like you can view my blog, Sunsets at Devil’s Slide Trail.

Remember, this trail is easy with access to parking on the south and north side of Devil’s Slide Tunnel and is dog friendly. Have fun!


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