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I love the Bay Area for it’s adventures, close proximity to state parks, coastline and cities that offer different vibes such as San Francisco where you have awesome food and a wide variety of restaurants (click here for the Bay Area’s Michelin ranked restaurants), Oakland, Berkeley and the East Bay is a diaspora for the best breweries (click here for the top 10 list by Thrillist) and Santa Cruz known for its amazing nature, education/sustainability, artist community, surf and Jack O’Neil who invented the wetsuit. Not to mention, Silicon Valley the mecca for technology innovation and startups. Whatever you want, you can have.

Here’s a recent compilation of my surf blog adventuring the Bay Area and doing what I love, surfing, hiking and catching sunsets. I hope you enjoy a local’s perspective. Feel free to ask me anything if you’re planning to visit. There’s a lot of beautiful cities and countries that I don’t know about and hope to visit. Leave a comment and tell what you love about your home. Love to hear from you!


Home is where the heart is.

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