Wyest, the God of Mt. Hood

After visiting and and exploring the Cascade Locks my next destination, Mount Hood. Mt Hood is one of the tallest and most prominent mountain summits in the country 28/200 (Oregon), Mt Shasta is 11/200 (California) and Mt Rainier 3/200 (Washington), Denali 1/200 (Alaska). California, Oregon and Washington have 30/200 of the most prominent summits in the United States.

Mt Shasta street view 14,179ft elevation 
According to Native American folklore, as punishment for the destruction of valleys, villages and the Bridge of Gods for a beautiful maiden during the eruption of Mt St. Helens, the Great Spirit turns Pahto into Mt Adams and Wyest into Mt Hood. (Mt Hood is still called Wyest in the local area).  You can read other tribal folklore here.

Mt Hood, panoramic view 11,249 ft elevation 
I stumble upon this view by talking to a bartender named, Aurora at The Best Western Plus Hood River Inn. I didn’t stay there, but I wished I had. It’s a really nice hotel with a pleasant view of the river from the restaurant/bar and the food is also really good. I had the pulled pork sandwich with a salad. Delicious. If you plan to visit The Columbia River Gorge and tour central Oregon it’s right off the river and very close to Mt. Hood and other sites. Check out the Yelp reviews here 4/5 stars.

After washing down my sandwich with a nice cold beer, Aurora tells me the best view of Mt Hood is close by called Panorama Point within 8 minutes from the restaurant. Running short on time, I followed her advice and I’m happy I did.

After viewing Mt. Hood from Panorama Point, I discover Oregon’s wineries. I never thought Oregon had any and to my surprise there are over 30 wineries and 40 vineyards along the Columbia River from the point I started  to where I ended, Cascade Locks to Mt. Hood River Bridge. I will surely be back to visit them in the summer. For a complete list of Oregon’s wineries click here and view the map above and click here for tips on visiting the Gorge.

Quite the find and view, indeed. Now, I had to think about getting to Seattle and it was NYE…

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