The Surf at Westhaven State Park, Washington

Surfing in Washington was one of the best experiences I’ve had throughout my surf career. Something about the beach brings a calm and fresh feeling. I drove over 1,000 miles from San Francisco to Washington and I didn’t know what to expect but intel from blogs and surf reports. Reading weather forecasts and surf reports online doesn’t give you a clear picture and it’s hard to understand the tide or conditions without visuals.

I always tend to check in and talk to the locals at the surf shop. They can give you critical information on where the best locations are at a particular time. The Surf Shop in Westport was equipped with gear to allow any surfer to enjoy cold water surfing at local breaks and provide forecasts on the best times to suit up.


After entering the surf shop I was greeted by a nice and pleasant attendant. She was pretty happy to see me and curious to learn where I was from. I guess signs of non-locals is a good thing for any surf shop. But she gave me some tips about what to expect, where to go and when to go. After leaving the shop, I was excited and nervous at the same time. I had to explore the beach to uncover the safest and best break for low Tide strong north offshore winds.

This is what I uncovered.

The Cove

The Jetty


After making an assessment and exploring the park, I decided to try out the Jetty. There was a strong offshore wind allowing for waves to break cleanly. It was low tide, strong off shore winds and waves reaching 3-5 feet occ. 2ft overhead. I had a blast surfing Westport, Washington and will surely be back.

To see a complete breakdown of the location and best conditions to surf at these specific locations check out this article here.


  1. Isurus Elite 434
  2. O’Neill Men’s Thermo-X 
  3. O’Neill Wetsuits Men’s 5 mm Heat Round Toe Boots, Size 9, Black
  4. O’Neill Technobutter Gloves
  5. LOST Mayhem 6’3″ Lazytoy


You can also view my entire unedited experience below.

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