Surfing South Beach, Oregon

On the last leg of my road trip down Oregon’s coast I had the opportunity to explore and discover some epic surf in Oregon. I never thought Oregon had such glassy breaks, but boy! I was in for a treat.

After surfing Westhaven State Park, Washington I drive another 4 hours down the coast and discover South Beach.

It was 7:00am with strong offshore winds, a great sign. The weather was cold approximately 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Daisy was very cautious about approaching the water. Getting wet was the last thing she wanted.

Scoping out the break, I was very surprised to see such clean breaks about 4-5ft with 2 occ. overhead. I was excited to discover such a beautiful beach with awesome surf.

Once I was in the water, the paddle out was easy. The water felt good and it was consistent. The current was pulling me south and I had to consistently paddle north. The swell was consistent and I almost got barreled. One surprising experience that’s becoming normal, a seal came up and popped out close to my surfboard’s nose, it smiled, said hello and disappeared. After being distracted, I caught a nice wave and rode it all the way in.

After my session, I realized Oregon is a perfect place for an adventurer like me. Epic surf, hikes and snowboarding. I will surely be back in the summer.

Here’s a video of my experience. However, my GoPro didn’t catch any of my epic rides. At the end of the clip you see me paddling hard for a wave and then it cuts off. I know! But it’s a great clip if you want to see what I’ve described of the beach, water and waves.

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