Surfing Diamond Head Beach, Hawaii

After hiking up the Stairway to Heaven, I surfed at a number of beaches in Oahu. North Shore at Waimea Bay and Diamond Head Beach. Surfing in North Shore is a dream for many surfers. Have you seen the movie North Shore?

The movie isn’t about becoming a professional, but living a humble and satisfying life. Surfers surf for the pleasure. There’s no better feeling than riding down a nice wave. While in Hawaii I stayed at an AirBnb close to Waimea Bay. Diamond Head Beach is on the south east side of the Oahu and about 30-40 minute drive from North Shore.

Since it’s a bit of a drive I planned an entire day of activities enroute to Diamond Head. Here is what you can do before or after surfing Diamond Head.

  1. Surf Diamond Head Beach
  2. Park and visit Honolulu Zoo (cheapest and longest parking rates closest to restaurant)
  3. Eat at the Famous Duke’s Waikiki
  4. After eating, shop and explore the malls
  5. Watch the Kuhio Beach Torchlighting and Hula Show
  6. Surf Waikiki Beach (rentals are located on the beach and great for longboarders)
  7. Hike Manoa Falls
  8. Visit/Hike Diamond Head State Park

All within 8 miles proximity

The surf was amazing and I got lucky. Since there was a storm that missed the island, it created some great swell. I rode a 10′ wave all the way down and was stoked. The water was blue, warm and felt how it should, Paradise. I can’t wait to go back. The only thing I noticed,

  1. The paddle out was quite far and there are reefs below, so be careful not to catch a wave too close to shore.
  2. Bring sandals and make sure you use them on the walk down to the beach. The ground can be very hot from the sun and there is no built path down the cliff.

My experience was nothing like the movie and no confrontations with “dahuis” (locals in Hawaii), just make sure you don’t drop in on anyone and you should be fine. Have fun!

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