My Surf Trip to North Shore, Hawaii 

Okay, I am not promoting this film. But its one of favorites after comparing it to The Endless Summer. I just love how this film captures the adventure, the challenges and life’s lessons.

North Shore inspires me every time I watch it, and I love watching Turtle educate Rick on some of the dangers of surf life which leads him to find his mentor, Chandler. At the end of the journey, it’s a personal experience where Rick finds himself and realizes surfing is about the experience, not the fame.

To me, surfing North Shore was exactly that. To feel the blue warm water underneath my toes and the sun against my back. No wetsuit! Here’s a video I took before surfing of North Shore’s Haleiwa Bay.

I took it all in. It was somewhat of a meditation session and I was able to disconnect and listen to the waves. One of the reasons why North Shore is special, its far from the tourism business and you get a local experiences. Hawaii is abundant in nature and isn’t meant to be experienced in a resort.

If you’re interested in exploring Hawaii like a local, here’s my itinerary.

  1. Rent a car – you can get a deal on Kayak by booking last minute deals. I paid $15/day for 5 days and got a Hyundai Sonata 4×4.
  2. Book an Airbnb in North Shore, expect to pay much less than the resorts I paid $100/night and got an entire apartment just minutes away from the beach. Here is the listing. The hosts even had snorkeling and surfboards that I was able to use for free. David was awesome and also offers lessons.

Day 1

  1. Check-in and relax.
  2. Dinner – check out Banzai Shushi within 10 minutes of Airbnb
  3. Sleep

Day 2

  1. Wake up at 8:00AM and get breakfast at Cafe Haleiwa – I recommend the Mahi Mahi
  2. Surf Haleiwa Bay (see video above)
  3. Check out North Shore’s downtown
  4. Hike Waimea Valley Trail
  5. Watch sunset and have dinner at The Beach House 
  6. Sleep

Day 3

  1. Wake up at 8:00AM and get breakfast at Island Vintage Coffee
  2. Surf Sunset Beach (you can also beach bum/tan/drink a few beers and lounge)
  3. Go to market and drink fresh coconut juice
  4. Lunch at Giovanni’s Famous Shrimp Truck
  5. Snorkel Shark Fin Cove (don’t worry there are no sharks)
  6. Dinner at Uncle Bo’s Restaurant
  7. Sleep

Day 4

  1. Wake up at 8:00AM and grab breakfast
  2. Drive along coast from North Shore and stop by,
    1. Banzai Pipeline
    2. Turtle Beach Resort
  3. Grab lunch at Kono’s along the way
  4. Make it to Lanikai Beach and walk/lounge
  5. Check into hotel Honolulu – I stayed Waikiki Parc Hotel which was across the street from Honolulu Zoo cheap overnight parking $15/night
  6. Sleep

Day 5

  1. Wake up at 3:00AM and hike Stairway to Heaven – click here to see full experience.
  2. Hang out at Waikiki Beach, surf, lounge, tan
  3. Surf Diamond Head Beach
  4. Watch Kuhio Torchlight Show
  5. Dinner Ramen Nakamura – #1 Ramen Oahu
  6. Check out night life at Addiction – click here for top 10
  7. Head home – overnight flight.

And that’s a wrap. Feel free to ask me anything about my trip to North Shore. Mahalo!

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