Stand with Standing Rock

I am a huge proponent of preservation and conservation. As you can see through my adventures, I try to learn as much as I can about the history of the places I’ve surfed and the natural wonders I’ve visited. Being a Californian, Native American tribes as the Ohlone (Northern California – Surfing Wine Country), Esselan (Central California – Big Sur, Big Surf), Tongva (Southern California – I have yet to visit thoroughly and blog very soon) are pinnacle to California’s history and protection of state parks.


*The Sioux Standing Rock Stamp/Logo is to express my belief that we should protect our home, our sacred land what we love. It is not to state that Sioux Tribe own or settled in these areas which the Ohlone Tribe once inhabited.

This is my local break, my home. I will do anything to protect it. Rockaway where the Ohlone Tribe inhabited.

One modern social issue that I want to talk about is Standing Rock and the North Dakota Pipeline. Since Donald Trump had been inaugurated one of his promises during his campaign was to push the illegal construction of the North Dakota Pipeline through. His argument is that it will create jobs in oil and steel industries. This was one of Donald Trump’s key promises in creating jobs in failing industries. As the world moves forward, we need to invest in solar and clean energy. Building this pipeline will only exasperate and elongate our reliance on fossil fuels. Native Americans and all people have the right to protect natural lands against corruption and pollution. 

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Join the fight!

If you want to support the Sioux Tribe and organizations against the construction of DAPL, please be aware of who you’re donating to. If you would like to purchase merchandise to support Native American communities check out Honor The Earth, OXDX, Official Standing Rock Gear at Omaze. For official news join the Sioux Facebook Group.

This is my home. This is my local break. What if someone decided to build an oil rig right in the middle of the ocean in plain sight of this view? The threat of oil spills in the water is scary. No surf is scary.

Avoid buying from opportunists, read this blog from Soul Style about purchasing from people that are trying to profit from Native American hardships here.

There will be an official protest on February 22, 2017 and a rally in Washington, DC on March 10, 2017.

Join the Standing Rock Facebook Group to fight against corruption!


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