Snowboarding at Sierra-at-Tahoe

To snowboard or to surf? That’s a pretty difficult question. Why not both?

This weekend I head to Lake Tahoe for fresh powder. This year has been the best for over 4 years. Last year’s season wasn’t as good with only 195 in. of snow fall, this year at 303 in. That’s is quite the jump and we’re not even finished.

Reported by Sierra-at-Tahoe 

2016: 303 in. so far!

2015: 195 in.

2014: 223 in.

2013: 141 in.

I’ve been surfing all year around in San Francisco, almost every day. I didn’t get a chance to snowboard while driving through Oregon and the last time I snowboarded was in 2014. This time, I wanted to see if surfing translates to snowboarding.

Does surfing impact your snowboarding?

Here’s how it went down.

In my opinion, surfing is a lot more difficult. There are so many more elements in order to ride a wave. Conditions such as, wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed and the type of break. It all depends on so many natural elements that affect the outcome of a good or bad session. Not only, its not consistent such as riding down a big mountain.

In any case, snowboarding is fun as shit. And hell yeah! If you can surf, you can snowboard!

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