Ocean Beach, OB, The Beach

OB or The Beach, as locals call Ocean Beach is one of the most dangerous surf breaks in San Francisco Bay Area. This weekend offered some pretty amazing weather since we’ve been having record levels of rainfall. I finally get a chance to blog about surfing OB.

I’ve surfed OB in the past and had a few good sessions and other times, I just got my ass kicked. It definitely made me realize of how human I really am. But for some reason, I keep coming back for more.



OB is for advanced surfers brave enough to undertake a strong undertow, powerful rip currents and big waves. OB is a difficult beach break and not to be underestimated. Be careful. Watch and observe other surfers and definitely keep your eye on the incoming swell.

Here’s why.

  1. Very strong current that can pull you out to sea. OB is a non-swimming beach. (There have been 4 reported deaths in 2016).
  2. Constant paddling which means you’re going to be exhausted. The vastness of the beach and strong currents move you when you’re in the line up.
  3. The undertow is stronger than most beach breaks and will pull you down for an extra 2-5 seconds. Do not panic and make sure you remain calm while tumbling in the water.
  4. 3.5 mile long beach – when you’re in the water its hard to locate yourself and there won’t be many people around. Remember your land markers to identify where the current pulled you. Hopefully, not out to sea.img_4340-1
  5. Paddling out is difficult and sometimes impossible.
  6. Waves are big, the biggest in Northern California with average waves heights of 10-15′.
  7. Hard to discern where the wave breaks since there’s a long stretch of beach and different sets of swell coming in at different times. Be aware and always pay attention. img_4337
  8. Sneaker waves will appear before you. If you’re not observant, you will get drilled.
  9. No one is out there and NO lifeguards. You’re on your own.
  10. Great Whites live here and have been spotted hunting close to the lineup (see video below).

If you can muster the courage and the strength to surf OB, it’s quite the experience. OB reminds you of how human you really are.


For more information on Ocean Beach, check out Magic Seaweed’s forecast here.

If you’re interested in surfing OB, make sure you’re ready to put in work. If it’s your first time and you don’t know the conditions, visit the surf shops and ask. Also, watch from the beach and observe conditions. Safety first.



If you’re ready, then go with someone that’s brave enough to surf with you.

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4 Replies to “Ocean Beach, OB, The Beach”

  1. a buddy told me about this spot blogging piece of shit supreme kook who gets gopro footage of himself flailing and going straight in the foam and claims OB local and poses for photos like a fucking deeb. I didn’t believe it till i saw with my own eyes you’re like the jesus of kooks you have achieved a transcendent level of kookdom. I dunno if Im the first to tell you but your antics are not appreciated around here we do not need a beginners guide to central coast surfing from you or any other techie kook so keep your spew to your fucking self. DO NOT SURF HERE. TECH KOOKS GO HOME stay at linda where you belong fucking KOOK and same goes for santa cruz, san mateo and sonoma counties too leave the cameras at home.

    1. Andrew, I feel bad for you. You’re at home in front of a computer getting extremely hostile over a blog. I don’t know about you, but if I had that much time I’d be in the water. No, you’re the first visitor to give such feedback and that’s fine. I’ve only been given credit to the information I provide and I’m not forcing people to read it. I do it because surfing can be a dangerous sport. I share my experience on the local breaks for people that aren’t familiar with them. You’re right about one thing, we’re all Kooks. Hope you find your peace, man.

    2. Why you gotta hate like that? Just because you’re good at surfing (if you really are) doesn’t mean you don’t suck at life (which you obviously do).

    3. Daaaaamn dude!!! I agree with frank d and Toan. You’ve definitely got some issues to have to come to this. This guy is just having fun and doing his thing and probably helping others along the way. He doesn’t blog about your shitty attitude and being shitty in life. Don’t be such a shitty person. Everyone has to start somewhere. Your definitely a kook in life. Buster

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