Davenport, CA

Davenport is one of the oldest coastal towns in Northern California. During the 1800s after the Spaniards had discovered California’s coast. Davenport was founded and used as a whaling port during the mid-1800s by John Pope Davenport. Since the decline of whale hunting, Davenport transitioned to a pier used by merchants and travelers to restock their ships and/or deliver goods to be transported by train along California’s coast.


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The Surf

I have yet to surf here, but every time I visit, I see a handful of surfers. You should be very cautious if you’re planning to take a chance here. The waves can be pretty big since it’s an openly exposed coast. I recommend Davenport as a place to visit. Not the best surf conditions, but I could be wrong.

Davenport, CA is a beautiful quaint town along PCH. Small, peaceful with lots of nature. I highly recommend visiting the winery, walking the train tracks and checking out Shark Fin Cove. Have fun!

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