Summer Solstice in Half Moon Bay

Summer is the best time of the year in general. Winter is the best time of the year for surf in Northern California (in my opinion). I like my waves BIG and winter swell heights at normally beginner breaks can get as high as 8′-10′ ft on average. Most people will steer clear of. However, I always appreciate the nice, chill easy going days like summer. This is when I bring out my 5’9″ Tomo Vanguard and rip’em.

Some surfers prefer the hairy thrill of a big wave. – The Endless Summer

This Summer Solstice, I meet up with some friends. Remember the guy that found my GoPro lost in the ocean? Well, Will and I venture out to one of the most epic late afternoon sessions I’ve ever experienced. With a lingering WNW swell coming in, we knew where to go. Here’s how it went down.

We arrive and check out the surf. It looks amazing!
Will and Joe discuss where we should enter and position ourselves for the best experience.
It’s go time! North end towards the jetty it is.
Where should I position?


Aww, that was epic.



Sunset on Summer Solstice 2017
We caught the Summer Solstice Sunset in the water.

It was an amazing experience and hell of a time. Summer is a time for making new friends and hanging loose.


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