The Last Destination Completing PCH: Surfing Southern California

Finally, the opportunity has come. Southern California is the last region on my list surfing the Pacific Coast Highway, the West Coast (USA). I surfed Central California in Big Sur and up the Pacific Northwest (I wish I had my passport, I would’ve crossed into Vancouver, but it’s on the list for sure).

Surf trips are a way to reflect and enjoy life. The importance of well being, to meditate with nature is a way for me to recharge and attack my goals when I am back in the office.

Productivity is only effective when you’re at 100%.

Now back to the fun, Southern California is the mecca for surf culture outside of Hawaii (respect for the Polynesians who invented surfing, of course). There are many countries aside from the United States where surf culture can be found such as Australia, Brazil (Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro), Indonesia (Bali), United Kingdom (Cornwall), Spain, Portugal, France, South Africa, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and many more. But Southern California is definitely the place that made surf culture famous. Remember the Beach Boys?

Completing my surf experience along the West Coast is a milestone, after this I plan to go international (which I have already done in Vietnam). More to come!

Here’s the itinerary,

I can’t wait to surf all these amazing places and just soak in the rays. I’ll be hanging beach side with a Corona, be sure to hit the follow button to join me on my adventure. Surf’s up, dude!

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