Mellow Daze in Southern California 

I finally finished my tour of Southern California, and I have to say, it was an amazing experience! Southern California is truly a place where surfing is life. I’ve visited Los Angeles many times before, but not specifically for surfing. Once you’re a surfer, everything changes.

Nowadays, I’d rather wake up early to go surfing, rather than staying out late and being hungover the following day. Surfing has given me a natural stoke that has consumed me. There is really no better feeling than riding a wave. Even then, after a morning session, the stoke stays with me for the entire day. I stay floating.

You can catch me at the beach lounging on a Cloud Couch with a Corona being happy as hell.


Here’s my first video from the trip. In it, I surf San Onofre, La Jolla and Huntington Beach. The aerial footage is of Malibu and Sunset Cliffs, La Jolla. There is plenty more footage I will be compiling, until then check out the first one.

I will be breaking down my entire adventure in my following post. For now, I hope you enjoy my video of Mellow Daze by Music P.

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