Topanga Beach, Malibu

After driving more than 6 hours from San Francisco to Los Angeles, I had one thing in mind. Check out the surf at my first stop, Topanga Beach in Malibu, California.

Great to see the reservoir filled to the brim in Bakersfield on Interstate 5.

Leaving on Saturday (07/03/2016) morning at 6:00AM PST, I arrived in Los Angeles around 2:00PM. However, the weather wasn’t as sunny as I’d expected. There was a brush fire and a gray overcast.

Taking Interstate 5 was the fastest way to get into the water. I had 8 days to complete my trip and to essentially do a tour along Southern California’s coastline.

My trip depended on available accommodations via Airbnb. Not too many were available that would accept pets since I had Daisy with me. Thing’s didn’t go as planned, however, I got lucky and booked some awesome Airbnb’s.

Once I arrived at Topanga Beach, I was a bit disappointed to see such small waves (1-3ft). But I was still excited to be in Los Angeles. I took a look around and surprisingly there was a huge brush fire happening in the hills overlooking the beach. Helicopters were flying in and out pouring flame retardant to contain the fire. People didn’t seem to be to alarmed and beachgoers acted like nothing was happening and continued enjoying their holiday weekend.

Observing from my car, the weather was still warm.

SAT 7/1

The water read 68-70 degrees! ( I wasn’t too familiar with water temperatures in Southern California. A few friends suggested I would be very warm in a 3/2, but at that moment I decided to suit up. This was the beginning of my surf trip and as I surf throughout my trip, I become more comfortable with my own skin. It’s much better to surf with no wetsuit.

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Not as crowded as I’d expected and a nice right break.
The overcast and the smoke from the fire.
Catching my first wave at Topanga Beach.
A small group of surfers riding longboards positioning directly in front of the T.
It was a fun right break. Super chill.


  • Park on the street level since you have to pay for parking at the main entrance.
  • You do not need a wetsuit with temperatures from 66-70 degrees fahrenheit
  • Position yourself on the outside, surfers tend to group together on the inside
  • There’s a great seafood restaurant diner right across the street, check out Moonshadow’s.

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