Los Angeles, CA is home to some wonderful beaches, I had to check out El Porto. Watching videos on YouTube, El Porto during the winter can be pretty epic with its barrels. I’ll have to visit again.

As for summer, El Porto was pretty chill. However, I’d rank the experience in difficuly to be in between Topanga and Zuma this far into the trip.

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Key Observations

  • The paddle out was easy
  • 2-3ft waves – temp 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit
  • There’s North El Porto close to the jetty
  • Waves were break in between a gap of 30 ft apart – pretty much between street blocks i.e. 44th St and 43rd St.
  • Surfers positioned themselves 20 ft from shore
  • Loud noises from airplanes flying above (LAX’s runway is directly behind the beach)
  • Toxicity in the water – I could taste it
  • Sand break
  • I felt sewage pipes and also saw them while surfing – pretty much runoffs from LAX

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  • Bring a hybrid board I was riding my 6’6″ Lost Lazy Toy
  • Wear a wetsuit if not, board shorts and a jacket is okay
  • Park on the shoulder of the street
  • You can explore the break by driving down from North El Porto to El Segundo
  • There are showers, sandals could be useful for the walk down to the beach
  • Go early in the morning, this place can get packed
  • Noisey from the planes and may not be the best beach to relax and meditate
  • Toxicity is a concern be sure to take a nice thorough shower to wash yourself clean of the runoff

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