Black’s Beach at Torrey Pines 

After taking Los Angeles in for the first leg of the trip, I thought it’d be smart to head down to the farthest corner of Southern California, San Diego. Then, eventually make my way up the coastline via PCH.

Driving through the Interstate 5 was the fastest route to get to San Diego and I was there and booked into my AirBnb within 3 hours. The day had started out amazing meeting some friends passing through Orange County. I received tips that Black’s beach could be a potential hot spot and when I arrived, I was amazed by the stunning scenery.

Lovers enjoying the view from atop.

Torrey Pines Natural State Reserve  has 2,000 acres of coastline that is home to many threatened plants and animals.

I found it. Observing the waves, the coastline and the vibes.

Upon arriving, the beach was not easily found from the parking lot. There are multiple entrances to the reserve and I had entered through the north entrance. In order to find beach access, you have to walk towards the cliffs and find the trail head down a 100 ft. cliff. This beach is not handicap friendly and the hike down could be exhausting and a bit dangerous for some.

I shot all of these photos with my Nikon, you can find one like mines below.

Nikon D3400 with AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR + Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED Lens + 64GB, Deluxe Accessory Bundle and Xpix Cleaning Accessories

However, once you’re at the beach, you have miles of coastline. Typically, Torrey Pines is very big in the winter. But in the summer, the water is warm and the waves are around 2-3 ft. It was extremely warm. While hiking down the cliff with my wetsuit, beachgoers gave me looks. I didn’t know why until I got to the beach. Some people bared it all, beachgoers and surfers alike. I was a bit surprised until 15 minutes in the water, I realized this was my last time using a wetsuit. After Torrey Pines, the trip started getting fun. I was finally free.

Take some time to breathe and enjoy the moment.
Time to go in.


  • No need for a wetsuit. If you’re comfortable in your own skin, no need for clothes.
  • Wear sunblock
  • Ensure you have land markers while in the water – vast open ocean
  • Bring a hybrid surfboard that does well in smaller breaks in the summer
  • Be prepared to hike down 100 ft. cliff
  • Bring water, towel, chairs, umbrella if you’re with family or friends
  • Bring shoes to hike up and down the cliff
  • Bring a camera for some awesome views of the ocean
  • No dogs allowed
  • No drones allowed

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