Bird Rock, La Jolla

After my experience surfing Black’s Beach, I had ventured off into San Diego’s coastline driving from Torrey Pines along PCH all the way down Sunset Cliffs. One of the most family friendly beaches in San Diego, La Jolla’s Bird Rock.

This place rocks! Great for children and families especially on a holiday weekend. Make sure you bring food, water, towels, umbrellas and sunblock. Expect to be hanging out for the entire day.

Here’s the cam from of Bird Rock.

This break is very pleasant and you’ll love the scenery, views, water temperature and the way the wave breaks.

Nice break in the middle of the beach.

The only drawback is that it may get crowded if you go too late in the afternoon or during a holiday. Close to Bird Rock, there’s shopping and restaurants on the main corridor. You can also check out Bird Rock Surf Shop if you need wax, sunscreen or equipment.

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It’s definitely worth taking a look and jumping in the water. But if you plan to surf, go early since it’s a very popular beach. If not to surf, definitely a great time with friends and family.

Party wave at Bird Rock Beach
Fun in the water at Bird Rock Beach
After surfing Black’s at Torrey Pines, it was time to let go of the wetsuit

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The water felt so good.
The sun felt amazing bouncing off my back while riding one down.

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