Welcome to Church, San Onofre

By far the best experience on my surf trip. Traveling from Malibu, El Porto and then to La Jolla, I was in the middle of my trip. At this point, I felt I didn’t really have a standout performance. Malibu was the first stop where I had to adjust to environment. At El Porto, I was getting more comfortable and caught some decent sets, but nothing extravagant. La Jolla was where my body had finally adjusted to the temperatures, but I wasn’t quite there.

San Onofre, Church’s

After finishing my session at Bird Rock, I made my way up north on PCH. Checking out the surf forecast, Cardiff Reef was flat and I decided to pass it up, same with Encinitas. I stopped by Carlsbad and it looked decent, but went with my guy and continued moving north towards San Onofre. After a few hours of checking out the coastline, I make it to Church, and boy, was I happy I decided to surf there.


Checking out Carlsbad. Almost decided to suit up and head down.
Church’s is surf heaven.
June 2017 – San Onofre

I’ve heard about Trestles and how “exclusive” it could be. Some of my friends warned that it could be crowded and if you wanted to enjoy the break, you have to go early. It’s also a bit tricky to find. In my opinion, there’s no need to go to Trestles when you have so much more space and great waves at San Onofre State Beach. There is easy access to the beach where there is plentiful parking and an easy paddle out. Church’s was amazing.

No wetsuit, no booties. Just board shorts and my favorite jersey.

At San Onofre, you have all the space and all the waves you can catch. You can position yourself on the inside, outside, be apart of the line up or just doze off and do your own thing. There’s so much space the waves break the longest.

Yes! I fell in love with San Onofre and I miss her every day. I will be back.

I was beginning to really enjoy myself. I started picking up my maneuvers and started working on my cutbacks. The waves were consistent and didn’t close out. You can catch a wave all the way in and ride it for 10 seconds. San Onofre is very much a special place.


  1. Check the forecast
  2. Drive to San Onofre State Beach and pay $15 for all day parking and access.
  3. Bring a long board or a hybrid
  4. Wear board shorts in the summer
  5. Bring sun tan lotion
  6. Bring food, water and plan to stay the day
  7. There are bathrooms, lifeguards and a nice pleasant beach you can relax on
  8. Simply the best family beach and surf destination on this trip

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