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People often ask me when they see my Instagram if I am a professional surfer. They then ask me how I have time to surf while working full time. After that, they ask, how do I have so much energy to commit to a career and a passion. It’s simple, I love it. But in the end, it boils down to motivation and drive to do more.

I love PCH and California’s coastline. It gives me so much peace and it’s quite the playground.

There’s nothing wrong with committing yourself to work or family. But in order to have a happy and equally balanced life, you have to make time for yourself. People work most productively when they’re happy. There is no better combination to productivity than doing work that makes you happy. Even with juggling a career, professionals need time escape to prevent from being overworked.

Coastal life

That’s plenty of time to commit to side project, hobby, family or loved one. I pretty much commit to reading, writing, surfing and photography.

If you really want to do something, you can. Make time for it.

Here’s a music video I created dedicated to what drives me, My Nirvana. Let’s see if you can find out what I like. Comment, like, share, follow.

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