Indian Summers in San Francisco

The Bay Area can be pretty tricky to people that are unfamiliar with weather conditions here. Most of the time, San Francisco is pretty darn cold. Lots of fog rolls in and typically temperatures from 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit (12-19 degrees Celsius) all year around, except normal summer May-August, average of 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit (21-24 degrees Celsius) and the warmest September-October average of 75-81 degrees Fahrenheit (21-27 degrees Celsius).

If you are traveling to San Francisco during other months be prepared to wear layers and a coat. Even in the summer, its best to bring more layers than summer clothing. However, late Indian summers are perfect for a day at the beach. Thrillist articles sums it up pretty well here with plenty of summer activities in San Fransisco.

Checking out the swell on a Saturday afternoon at Ocean Beach gives me an opportunity to meditate and bask in the sun.

For surfers, wear a 3/2mm and bring multiple style surfboards depending on where you surf and wave conditions.

Recommendations to Surf

  • Ocean Beach – depending on the size of the waves you get, between 3-4 feet, you can ride a longboard. But when it gets to 4-6+ feet bring a hybrid or a shortboard. The water temperature will be 62-64 degrees Fahrenheit (16-17 degrees Celsius)
  • I would not recommend going without a wetsuit unless the water temperature is over 65-66 degrees (19-20 degrees Celsius)
  • Watch the sunset at 6:45pm-7:05pm
  • Bring a tent for shade
  • Bring water
  • Sunblock for surfers – Headhunter (this stuff doesn’t get in your eyes when you’re paddling out)
  • Towels, food, chairs, music
  • Good vibes
  • Yoga on the beach
  • Avoid bringing plastic to the beach and bring reusable containers and garbage bags. There’s so much trash that can be found buried in the sand that makes it way to the ocean. Please clean up after yourself and pick up trash if you see it 🙂

This weekend was pretty rad and days like these are what we live for. Check out my new music video of how it’s like at Ocean Beach this past weekend. No surfing, just natural beauty of Ocean Beach and the sunset.

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