Who am I?

It’s been awhile since my latest post and since losing another GoPro I haven’t been actively uploading or creating much content. But I am surfing bigger sets.

I do plan to continue posting once I find an alternative solution to limit my losses when surfing larger swells coming in this winter. Don’t worry, I have a lot more coming your way with an upgraded studio and workflow. Stay tuned!

About this video

Growing up, I had a lot of identity issues because I was viewed as a foreigner (nothing wrong with being an immigrant) even though I was born in the United States. I couldn’t identify with my Vietnamese or American friends and community. I spoke Vietnamese at home, but spoke English at school. I often found myself lost in world that viewed me based on my appearance. However, as I began finding interests and hobbies I started to learn who I was. Surfing and dancing goes beyond race, ethnicity, age, gender or nationality. If you’re a surfer, you’re a surfer.

I know who I am.

I am a surfer.

Surfing taught me to appreciate nature and the gifts I’m blessed to have. Surfing taught me to be who I am. Surfing has allowed me to become a lot more active, stronger and physically fit. I had a lot of fun dancing in high school and college and you’re never too old to dance. I’ll keep dancing, I guess. But more so now, I’ll keep surfing.

Music by DJ Snake, A Different Way

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