Late Indian Summer Surf Session at Ocean Beach, October 26, 2017

Insane how global warming is creating warmer months well into fall. We’re very fortunate to be able to have 75-80 degree weather in San Francisco during late October, even early November.

This was my last video I created during this year’s Indian Summer in San Francisco surfing Ocean Beach. Getting off of work, the sky was clear, no wind and Golden Hour was blazing. Ocean Beach was amazing.

Music by Jarryd James, Do you remember

I love this song. I found Jarryd James while cruising to Spotify on my way to the beach. If you like his sound, check him out here.

Oh, when you think about it
Do you remember me?
Do you remember the way it made you feel?
Do you remember the things it let you feel?

Click here to see lyrics,

About this video

The intro is actually Black’s Beach, Torrey Pines in San Diego this summer. I never released this scene. The scene of surfer duck diving was Ocean Beach on a big day. The aerial footage is Carlsbad driving down Highway 1 to Orange County right before I hit San Onofre. And, the scenes after that is Ocean Beach where my surf session begins.

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