So Long

Music Credit: Slushii, So Long

All video content is my own.

So long 2017! It was a great year! Coming back from Christmas break it felt so good getting back into the water. The end of the year is a time to reflect. What was good about this year? What did we accomplish? What’s next?

Before Christmas, I almost decided to let this blog go and let it fade. But I’ve had a lot of support from people that appreciate the blog and the content I post. Thank you again for your support. It really lifts me up to know that my videos and pictures gives someone joy.

Sometimes you have to let go of a certain part of you to become something else. If that makes sense. I started blogging close to 3 years ago. I took up photography right after I started surfing (I have never studied photography, film making, marketing, social media and never paid for surf lessons) and created this website 1.5 years ago and my Instagram 3 years ago @mysurfblog. This blog has evolved quite a bit through trial and error and was only meant to be a project to keep me busy. This Christmas it almost didn’t make it since life is constant and I was debating on letting it go.

If you’re reading this and find yourself also in a situation where you’re considering giving up on something you’re good at, think again about the joy it brings you. Take it back to the basics and don’t try to overburden yourself.

Here are some pictures I recently took yesterday of The Bay Area’s WNW Swell pumping in.

You can see the complete gallery in my portfolio.

Cheers to you and happy New Year!

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