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One of my favorite songs by top duo Odesza. I created a video this past weekend to Odesza’s Line of Sight. The original music video is pretty awesome! You can check it out here.  Any way, I just thought it was fun to create a music video with some pretty cool shots that turned out really good.

Watching the surf at OB

I’ve shot and filmed Ocean Beach many times and in this video I wanted to try something different.  Such as filming with the Sony Alpha 6000 and applying different angles, capturing raw sound and experimenting with different lenses. I am also experimenting with more advanced software, Adobe Premiere to do post production. It’s a jump forward from iMovie and working off of an iphone in all my previous videos.

Relaxing and watching the waves

The film location is the famous Cliff House that was once used for welcoming travelers on their way into the city and then a place for the wealthy to bathe at Sutro Baths. The Cliff House is located in the Richmond District beside Golden Gate Park. In the 1800s, this part of San Francisco was not developed and traveling into the city would be a days trek by horseback.

Any way, now, it’s a nice cafe/bistro and a great place to visit if you’re heading to San Francisco.

During this video, I surf, watch surfers, epic waves, and bask in whatever sun I could get. Pretty much a fun day at the beach. Let me know what you think.

Until next time!

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