Let the Water Fall

The sound of flowing water is music to my ears. Before I became a surfer I always enjoyed listening to water flowing. Once I became a surfer, being in the water and listening to the waves crash and feeling the water underneath my toes enhanced the experience. Something about it soothes me, physically and spiritually.

Since I was planning to surf the Pacific Northwest along the Pacific Coast Highway, I decided to visit one of Oregon’s most famous waterfall, Multnomah Falls. Legend has it, it was a secret Native American waterfall where a beautiful princess privately bathed. Not so secret anymore…

Multnomah Falls


Wahkeena Falls

I wish I had more time to explore Oregon’s trails where you can find more serene, quiet and less touristy settings. But I was on a mission and had to get to Washington’s coastline and time was ticking…I will be back. For a list of epic waterfalls in Oregon click here.