No Valentine Needed

It’s been a great couple of years being single. Honestly, you can get a lot done without distractions or someone weighing you down. If you’re happily married or in a relationship, good for you. You’re lucky.

But if you’re not, well, take solace in sunsets. One day you’ll find the right person.

Here are pictures of my favorite sunsets that helped me get through some break ups or soul searching times. 


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Preview of Sunrise: Phoenix RisingĀ 

Coming back from my road trip to Seattle and surfing along Washington and Oregon’s coast, I jump back into the water at my local break. Something was much different. Something my mind and body was telling me. After adventuring and learning a lot about myself surfing unexplored beach breaks in the Pacific Northwest, I felt much more comfortable.

With mind, body and spirit I had elevated to another level. My surfing had improved and I felt a lot more connected than ever.

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