O’Neill Pyrotech Review


It’s been about a year (one year and two months to be exact) since buying my last wetsuit, the Isurus 434 Elite. After using it for more than a year it finally gave in to wear and tear. The Isurus is a top of the line wetsuit, no doubt. It took on some heavy sessions and 8 months in normal use it finally started to show some tears. Overall, the Isurus 434 Elite is a great wetsuit. But, the Isurus falls short to the O’Neill Pyrotech.

A couple of things I noticed about the Isurus wetsuit and all of my other ones, even most wetsuits in the market. The neoprene, material and most importantly the stitching fall short vs the O’Neill Pyrotech.

One of the main reasons why I decided to jump back to O’Neill is because of the new Techno Butter technology. The O’Neill Pyrotech is a top of the line wetsuit for serious surfers. It’s on the top line because of the material and advanced construction of the wetsuit. It seriously feels like an extension to my skin. If you look closely, the wetsuit is constructed as a single suit, rather than being assembled and stitched together. The Pyrotech does not have external stitching exposed.  This is huge since I noticed my Isurus showing tear beginning with it’s stitching. O’Neill designed the Pyrotech using neoprene as the main assembly method. It’s phenomenal.

The wetsuit is very comfortable and warm. The Techno Butter Air Firewall against your skin feels similar to a fleece. It’s very soft and stretchy. Surfing in San Francisco the water can get down to 41-51 degrees during winter and having a high quality wetsuit is critical.

Having fun with my new wetsuit.

The O’Neill 4/3 Pyrotech is worth every penny. If you’re looking for a good wetsuit this winter, you will not regret buying the Pyrotech. You’ll catch more waves and leave the beach with a smile every time.

Surf Hack #1 – Wetsuit Repair with Aqua Seal

If you’ve been swagging along your old wetsuit and don’t have the money to buy a new one, a great product I was referred to by a friend is Aqua Seal.  This is an excellent surf hack, this stuff will close up those small holes and extend the life of your dying wetsuit.


We all know wetsuits are not cheap. If you want a temporary, short-term fix check out on Amazon for about $10.

I applied a bit of Aqua Seal on my Isurus, hoping that it will help get me through another winter without the need to a buy a new one. Overall, it seems to be working fine. However, once the seal begins to drift off from wear and tear, it might be a good idea to start thinking about a replacement.

I have been using the Isurus Elite 434 almost everyday for a little over a year and it’s beginning to show normal wear and tear. Overall, the Isurus Elite 434 is one hell of a wetsuit. I highly recommend it to anyone surfing around San Francisco Bay Area or cold water surf all year around. Good quality wetsuit and works like a charm. It is a bit expensive compared to other top notch O’Neill wetsuits.

Anyhow, hope the Aqua Seal is able to help you.

If you have any product recommendations, let me know.