The Last Destination Completing PCH: Surfing Southern California

Finally, the opportunity has come. Southern California is the last region on my list surfing the Pacific Coast Highway, the West Coast (USA). I surfed Central California in Big Sur and up the Pacific Northwest (I wish I had my passport, I would’ve crossed into Vancouver, but it’s on the list for sure).

Surf trips are a way to reflect and enjoy life. The importance of well being, to meditate with nature is a way for me to recharge and attack my goals when I am back in the office.

Productivity is only effective when you’re at 100%.

Now back to the fun, Southern California is the mecca for surf culture outside of Hawaii (respect for the Polynesians who invented surfing, of course). There are many countries aside from the United States where surf culture can be found such as Australia, Brazil (Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro), Indonesia (Bali), United Kingdom (Cornwall), Spain, Portugal, France, South Africa, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and many more. But Southern California is definitely the place that made surf culture famous. Remember the Beach Boys?

Completing my surf experience along the West Coast is a milestone, after this I plan to go international (which I have already done in Vietnam). More to come!

Here’s the itinerary,

I can’t wait to surf all these amazing places and just soak in the rays. I’ll be hanging beach side with a Corona, be sure to hit the follow button to join me on my adventure. Surf’s up, dude!


Pipe Dreams 

It’s been awhile, and I’ve been constantly busy. This blog is essentially turning into a journal. There’s no other way to put it. Dreams take time. Something that you want badly won’t come over night. It takes patience, a lot of work and plain luck. I have pipe dreams of surfing through a barrel in Bali. One day it will come…until then, I have to keep working…see ya soon.

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Paddle Conditioning: Out of the Water

When you’re in the water, you can’t rely on anything else but yourself. Your body is your ship. The stronger your body, the safer you will be when there’s nothing but you and water.

Here’s a simple exercise to condition your paddling. Remember to focus on high intensity, high repetition sets in order to build strength and endurance. This routine will condition the muscles that are used most while paddling out. A simple exercise routine that will take less than 30 minutes that will dramatically strengthen your core surf muscles. Ensure that you’re consistent, exercise in the morning or after every surf session. Remember, surfing requires strength and agility, we do not want to gain weight. We want to gain strength while being nimble.

Will you make it to land if you lose your surfboard?

Back exercises will help you keep you head above the water while paddling and give your arms less friction while placing your arms straight down when paddling, rather than sideways which will cause more friction. Less friction, more speed.

Back Lifts, Bench Lifts – 4 Sets of 50 reps, click here to see the exercise. You can do this exercise solo with a bench in the gym.

Back Raise, “Superman – Lay on the floor face down and arch your back by raising your neck, hold arms straight and legs from the floor. Hold the raise for 60 seconds. After the 60 second hold, take a 10 second break and repeat. Do 5 sets.

Surfing is an individual sport to test your endurance.

Tricep exercises will help you strengthen your arms to give you more paddling power. Pulling your arms down in the water can be exhausting. With more tricep conditioning you’ll be able to pull more consistent paddles, each one being as powerful as your first.

Tricep Extensions – You can easily do this with equipment in the gym. This exercise will help you with your triceps which will strengthen your arms to give you more paddling power. Click here for the exercise. Do 5 sets of 50 at whatever weight you feel comfortable with. Make sure you feel some burn, but the focus is to increase reps and not weight.

Cable Rope Overhead Extensions – Click here for the exercise. Do 5 sets of 50 with a comfortable weight level.

After completing each exercise ensure that you take a small break, but you want to keep your heart rate up and move quickly. This exercise routine should take less than 30 minutes. Surfing is an individual sport to test your endurance. When you’re in the water, you can’t rely on anything else but yourself. Your body is your ship. The stronger your body, the safer you will be when there’s nothing but you and water.

Let me know what exercises you do to condition your paddling power. I’d love to hear from you.


The Surf in Newport South Jetty

I had caught the sunrise at Yaquina Point Lighthouse and then drove 5 minutes towards Newport South Jetty. Newport South Jetty is south of South Beach, Oregon and is a popular local surf spot. It’s protected by the jetty so you get more consistent waves when wind is a factor. There are hosted surf competitions here and the waves can be pretty big from 8-12′. As I arrived, the parking lot was empty and a few local surfers prepping for the morning session. They were pretty surprised to see me and probably were wondering where I was from. It was all chill vibes.

I have this wetsuit and it’s a great one for all year around cold water surfing Super Freak 5/3mm, click on it for more information.
The two local surfers headed in as I was undressing and waxing my board. During my prep (15 minutes) I observed 4-5 cars pull up and park. The driver would get out and feel the wind chill and jump right back in, then exit the parking lot. I saw this for 15 minutes. I didn’t blame them, it was a cold blistering 33 degrees Fahrenheit 0 degrees Celsius. While scoping out the surf, I never saw sand so white. It was frozen, but the surf looked amazing. Scroll all the way down to see it for yourself. One note, my GoPro stopped recording when I almost got barreled. I know. It was awesome!

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For more information on Newport click here.

Here is a list of all known surf locations in Central Oregon, click here.