Balance. Namaste.

In a world of hustle and bustle, a society with high stress, deteriorating mental health, Americans have an issue with balance.

We don’t know how to keep ourselves in balance. We overextend ourselves and burn out. We are overworked and can’t seem to break out from a cycle of imbalance. How can we live a fulfilling life? How can we be productive while maximizing happiness? Are we lost?

I believe so.

I am a high performing business man. I know what it takes to win. I’ve been in sales since I was kid selling candy door to door. As an adult, I’ve spent 15 years as an outbound sales professional hunting new business. Yes, I’m a sales guy! Over a decade in technology sales, I’m familiar with pressure and deadlines. Especially at end of quarter! I’ve spent my entire professional career in Silicon Valley selling complicated tech to smart business savvy technologists. Silicon Valley is uber competitive with many high caliber individuals competing for…who knows what? Maybe attention. Maybe ego. Maybe for the boss’ good graces. Maybe they think there’s scarcity of resources (I don’t believe that in any way, there’s opportunity for everyone). Corporate culture sucks. But it doesn’t have to.

People need to surf and surf more ūüôā

How can we continually work in an environment that creates more stress than it has to? I believe corporate America needs to turn it down a few notches and change the we work. I believe people are more productive when they’re happy. I believe certain amounts of stress is good motivator. But stress needs to be used effectively.

Surfing has been a critical component of how I deal with stress.

Ok, so where am I going with this? In order to be a productive member of society, people need to learn how to deal with stress and be able to identify the cause and effect. People need to surf and surf more ūüôā

Successful people consistently dedicate time to meditate, exercise and disconnect. Surfing provides all of that including nature. Surfing has been a critical component of how I deal with stress. After every surf session, I feel more relaxed, I feel accomplished, I feel stoked. That natural stoke follows me throughout the day and sometimes into the next morning. If you haven’t tried surfing and are dealing with high levels of stress, grab a surfboard, buy a lesson and give it a shot! I promise you, you’ll learn something about yourself and you’ll have no trouble sleeping that night. Let me know what you think and if you agree.

Preview of Sunrise: Phoenix Rising 

Coming back from my road trip to Seattle and surfing along Washington and Oregon’s coast, I jump back into the water at my local break. Something was much different. Something my mind and body was telling me. After adventuring and learning a lot about myself surfing unexplored beach breaks in the Pacific Northwest, I felt much more comfortable.

With mind, body and spirit I had elevated to another level. My surfing had improved and I felt a lot more connected than ever.

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Fly As High As You Can, Brown Pelican.

One of the most beautiful things you can see while surfing are the animals and the natural habitat that they live in. We forget that the real locals are the animals that have been living on this planet¬†for 1000s of years. The human race is a young one and it saddens me to see such beautiful creatures steadily die off due to man made obstruction and disturbance of their environment. Being a surfer I’ve grown to love nature more and more every day.

This weekend I head to Davenport, CA 1.5 hours from San Francisco.

Daisy at Shark Fin Cove
I get a lot of enjoyment watching Daisy explore. She was pretty amazed with all the new smells, sounds and sights. I walked away for a bit to watch her, and she finally turns around and notices I’m not there. Or she see’s something that scares her, haha.


Davenport is a town located within Santa Cruz County and was named after a whaling captain John Pope Davenport. РWikipedia  With a population of 408, the town is known for its bluffs and scenic coastline.

If you’re in the Bay Area, this is one of the most beautiful uninhabited locations in Northern California and is listed as an important bird breeding area with amazing surf¬†and scenic views of the coastline. Here’s a report on what to expect while surfing at Davenport Beach.

On my surf adventures, Northern California offers some pretty rad conditions that are abundant in wildlife. I’ve seen¬†Humpback whales surface and playfully jump into the air while surfing at Linda Mar. I’ve seen dolphins swim with the waves and pop up¬†2 feet in front of me at Salmon Creek Beach. I’ve seen seals appear before my surfboard nose and quickly dive back down to disappear. I’ve seen sea otters happily¬†snacking on seaweed while surfers paddle around them at Pleasure Point. As young as my surf life is, I hope to see and experience more for as long as I live.

However, our world is dying before our eyes. Climate change and global warming, waste and toxic chemical spills, human disturbance such as lights, traffic and the way we groom and manage our beaches, fishing lines all affect the ecosystem.


While waiting for a wave in the line up, I was amazed at what I saw.¬†Brown Pelicans flew in packs and grouped themselves in V-Shape, like fighter planes finding their next target. When I got home I decided to learn and understand them more. I was surprised, Brown Pelicans are at risk and were once placed on the¬†endangered species list, they nearly went extinct. Brown Pelicans are native to the California’s¬†coastline and reproduce in Mexico and Southern California, 20% US Brown Pelican breeding are on the Channel Islands (Anne Weinstein, Audubon).They are 1 of 2 types of pelicans to hunt by diving. These birds¬†have been registered ¬†as a protected species in the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. They were once endangered from¬†DDT chemical spills, but have made a recovery because of conservation. In a recent Audubon¬†survey conducted on October 2016, there are only 71,000 nesting pairs, total of 141,000 breeding birds along the Pacific Coast, still a very small population. They are at risk due to over fishing, human disturbance and chemical spills.¬†You can view Audubon’s survey report here.

Watch how these Brown Pelicans fly right by me and begin to form a V-shaped pack.

If you love the environment and the animals that depend on it, please stop and think about how you can protect it.

The next time¬†you’re thinking about littering, don’t. If you’re shopping for household¬†items support environmentally friendly made products.¬†Do the right thing, help keep our beaches clean and beautiful for generations to come.

For more information on how you can participate in the protection California’s coastline¬†visit,¬†¬†¬†and¬†

Surfing a break in Davenport CA
Surf’s up! See you in the line up.

45th Reasons Why I Surf

A lot is going on with recent world events, particularly hitting home in San Francisco. I never speak politics and consider myself a very moderate/conservative person when it comes to financial issues. But social issues, I consider myself liberal. I do believe that everyone rich or poor, immigrant or citizen has every opportunity to succeed. As long as you work for it and take the appropriate measures to do it legally. I don’t want this blog to be about recent events¬†and to inundate you with so much stress that’s happening in the world. Rather, a place where you will find hope for the future and a place to find peace.

birds fly

Here are my 45th reasons why I surf.

  1. Therapy –¬†Being in the water has given me so much space, time and sounds to be able to collect my thoughts. There is no better way to escape and disconnect.
  2. Peace РListen to the waves crash and your mind will be free of stress.
  3. Zen –¬†If you can sense the conditions and put your mind in state of filtering the noise you can place yourself in a state of zen. Nothing feels better when you can disconnect.
  4. Stoic РRiding a wave is such an amazing feeling.
  5. Nature¬†–¬†Observing how the water breaks, feeling the warmth of the sun on your back and the coldness of the water you are at the mercy of nature. Respect it.
  6. Self improvement РLearning from your mistakes and not popping up quickly before the wave barrels you get drilled and placed in the washing machine. Today, you have another opportunity to catch that perfect wave.
  7. Hustle¬†– In the line up, surfers are hungry to catch their wave and they have every right. Will you be the one to out paddle your peer? “We are all equal before a wave” – Laird Hamilton.
  8. Exercise РThe world is your gym. Surfers have some pretty nice bodies.
  9. Limitations¬†– We’re human and sometimes we don’t realize it until Mother Nature puts us back in our place.¬†Getting drilled by a wave and having no control of where you go can remind you quickly of how human you are.
  10. Self-awareness¬†– It’s important to be on the lookout and aware of whats happening while you’re in the water. It can be dangerous and being alert is key.
  11. Mental state¬†– What I mean is that you have a more powerful mental state when you realized you just caught a 10′ wave. With the right mental determination and focus you can do anything.
  12. Ambition – If you want to get stoked, you have to work for it. Surfing keeps you going and you have to be pretty ambitious to surf in cold water.
  13. Freedom – This is my favorite reason why, you are free to do what you want in the water and you can feel it.
  14. Equality – Everyone in the line up is equal. The water won’t treat you any different.
  15. Strength РPaddling out requires a lot of strength and endurance. It also makes you stronger mentally if you face your fears head on.
  16. Courage РMy love of surfing is stronger than my fear of sharks.
  17. Testing oneself¬†– I love how I succeed and fail. There’s always room to grow.
  18. True nature of being human¬†– The surf culture is awesome, because we all love to surf. Leave the drama at home. Surfers are mellow but also in your face if you’re a danger or in a dangerous situation.
  19. Simplicity РNothing better than just thinking about surfing.
  20. Danger – It wouldn’t be sexy without it.
  21. Waves¬†– The most beautiful part of surfing are the waves. I love how water breaks and how it moves. It’s powerful and gentle at the same time.
  22. Sounds РListen to waves, the birds. It filters out all the noise and you can actually think or not think at all.
  23. Beach РTruly amazing to be having a Pacifico on the beach. Sunshine, good vibes, beautiful people and an awesome time.
  24. Culture РSurfers are the coolest people ever.
  25. Sunsets РRomantic.
  26. Sunrises ¬†– There is always tomorrow. I love being in the water in the mornings because it’s a great way to start my day.
  27. Animals¬†– I’ve surfed with sea otters, seals, dolphins and all of them just wanted to say hello. I love watching the birds fly close to the water.
  28. Water flow¬†– Don’t fight the water, just go with the flow.
  29. Synergy of using nature РWe are much more connected to nature than you think.
  30. Adventure РSurf trips are the best. Every day is different.
  31. Surf РThe entire experience.
  32. Surfboards РDifferent surfboards provide a different experience and I love my quiver.
  33. Surfer girls РSo pretty.
  34. Locals РI like going to different breaks and observing the locals. Some are tough in harsh conditions. Some are mellow. Every local break is different.
  35. Music РBob  Marley, Ziggy Marley, Sublime, Citizen Cope, J Boog, John Mayer, Honoka & Azitza, Dirty Heads and many more. Put on some jams and let it go!
  36. Travel РSurfers go to some pretty awesome places.
  37. Quiver¬†– I’ve got 4 surfboards and I cherish them.
  38. Memories РFriends, surf and good times. I live for this.
  39. Friends –¬†Making friends in the line up and at the beach. What a great way to meet people.
  40. Experiences РThe entire experience of surfing. This is the list.
  41. Sand  РTake your shoes off and put your feet in the sand. So good.
  42. Swimming –¬†The best exercise that works your entire body.
  43. Accomplishment РGetting stoked feels great.
  44. Romance –¬†I fall in love every day.
  45. Happiness РYour being.

The most beautiful Sunsets

I hope this blog helped. Have faith. See you in the line up!

Friends in the line up
Friends in the line up

The sun will rise tomorrow.  РBarack Obama